Smart darts

Smarts Darts is the hottest product to hit the bar and pub scene in years. Darts as a game has become hugely popular over recent years, with fanatical support at competitions, and more and more players taking up the game at home.

We’ve taken the game of darts to the next level, with our interactive darts system we’ve enabled you to play a whole host of fun games with your friends – you don’t have to be a pro player, or a whizz at maths to have fun.

The Smarts Darts system plays all the amazing games and does all the scoring for vou automatically. Watch the video below for a full walkthrough of the incredible Augmented Reality Darts system, showing the hardware, the software and learn about how the incredible control operators have at their fingertips.

How it works

The Smarts Interactive Darts system consists of

  • A Unicorn Smartboard dartboard

  • A big-screen TV

  • A touchscreen user interface to control the gaming experience

Using the very latest dartboard technology the Smartboard senses where the darts have landed on the board. This registers the score and updates all the game graphics on a TV placed near to the dartboard (usually above) and on the touchscreen user interface. The basic game rules are always displayed on the touchscreen, but the user is guided through the game process on the main big screen.

The graphics willl show who is throwing, who’s up next, what the current scores are and what players should aim for with each throw. The whole system is controlled via a touchscreen user interface which can be located somewhere near the throw line. Is it the same system that Flight Club uses? No.

The Smart Darts system uses cameras to track where the dart has landed. We have found in testing that our Smartboard is more accurate than The Activity Domes camera system.

What Packages are available?

60 Minutes for 3 People
(up to 3 extra for £5)

120 Minutes for 3 People
(up to 3 extra for £10)

180 Minutes for 3 People
(up to 3 extra for £15)

During the interactions:

  • Teams can be selected randomly, manually by players via a drag-and-drop, or individuals can play against pairs.
  • Players can choose a difficulty level before beginning.
  • Once a game has started, the touchscreen UI presents a selection of controls. • Guests can skip back and forth between players, delete erroneous scores, and tap the “miss” button for any darts that don’t hit the board. 
  • This in-game interface is reversible so the “miss” button is easily accessible relative to the position of the touchscreen.
  • The menu button at the bottom enables quests to revisit the player entry screen at any time. From there they can add or edit players, set the difficulty settings, view the trophy table, view F&B menus and quit the current game.

Further customer controls

We have reduced the need for staffing for the Augmented Reality Darts system by providing customers an array of controls that they can access from the user interface. The menus are intuitive and simple, making it easy for customers to navigate. They include the ability to:

  • Add and remove plavers
  • Browse and select games
  • View leaderboards
  • Call server
  • View Menus
  • Order and Pay – Coming Soon


Our Smarts Interactive Darts system has an amazing array of games. As the system develops further, more and more games will be available which will keep your customers coming back for the next big thing.


Absolutely, Whether you’re an expert darts sniper or a total beginner, everyone has a chance to win when they play Smart Darts! We only ask that all players are over 12 years old. Rules for each game will be explained on a TV above the dart board.

Booking in advance during peak times is highly recommended; all our oches are available to be booked on our website, meaning we cannot guarantee walk-in guests will be able to play Smart Darts.

Rhymes with ‘hockey’, this is your Smart Darts playing area. It’s your space from the throw line to the dartboard; as well as your own semi-private seating area, where you’ll eat, drink and get your game on! Each oche can accommodate up to 12 players and multiple oches can be joined for larger groups. They’re all unique and individually decorated, but here’s an example of what to expect:

We have 6 great Smart Darts games to enjoy during your visit and you can play as many games as you can fit into your booked time slot. We recommend starting with a game of Demolition. Check out our games guides for more hints and tips!