When you enter the studio you will be greeted by our friendly staff.

Once you have settled at your table and chosen items to paint from our wide and constantly changing selection we will talk you through how to use the glazes and answer any questions about your design and the many techniques available to you in the studio.

The studio is set up to be suitable for both children and adults. We aim to provide a relaxed, and fun environment for all ages and abilities. We love painting pottery and sharing this entertaining and therapeutic past time with our customers.

How it works

Choose from our wide range of pre-made pottery items ready to paint. Pottery painting is £15 for any of our fantastic items. Your welcome to pay for more pottery to paint within your hour session. 

Use our brushes, sponges, and wide selection of glaze colours to paint your bisque. We are on hand as a source of advice to help you transform your ideas for your bisque into reality. For those not feeling so confident about free hand painting we can teach you to make even those having nightmares from art class at school to feel comfortable and creative. We have drinks and food to keep you fully fueled whilst you paint.

Your work is left with us on the day so we can professionally glaze and fire it in our kiln, this process takes approximately 1-2 weeks and you will be notified when it is ready. We explain this during your visit to young children, telling them either about the process or the kiln fairies.

Your items will be ready and wrapped for collection a week or two after you painted. (*please note this may be slightly longer at busy times and will indevere to get it finished as soon as possible for you to take home. We will text and email you to advise. If you require an item urgently do talk to us and we can help with a solution such as posting or very late/early collection.

Are you looking to host a party or team building event?

Have you got a group of friends that you want to get together and are looking for something a different to do together?

From team building events, baby showers, hen parties, birthday parties, retirement dos or just an excuse to get together.

We can provide private hire for your special occasion most afternoons or evenings. For a £10 per person studio fee you will get a 2 hour timeslot where you can choose between our usual pottery painting and clay modelling you then pay for what you choose to paint of how much clay you use.

Or we can provide a special group session in most artforms of your choosing with our network of specialist tutors from painting to needle felting to fused glass. Although we only have one pottery wheel for throwing, we can also offer short tasters on this, whilst the rest of your group does another activity.

Clay Modelling

Have a go at creating a masterpiece from scratch!

There is a £10 studio fee for each artist, which covers use of the equipment and your bisque firing, then you pay for the clay you use. You can buy a 500g ball of clay for £17.50 or a 1kg ball for £29.50.

We have a large range of clay modelling equipment and all our staff are trained to be able to advise you in the basics of making, but it’s mainly a self-led activity so do come with ideas.

Your clay makes are left with us to dry out fully and be bisque fired in our kiln this takes up to 2 weeks depending on the size and thickness of your item. You will then be notified that your work is ready to come back and paint with our special glazes (this return visit costs just the studio fee).

Prints & Imprints

Our prints and imprints are a specialist service provided by fully trained and qualified staff. For this reason, we may need to amend your bookings to ensure that we have the best staff on hand for your requirements.

We can take prints of any age from 0 to 100! We can also print animals, mainly dogs but we have previously printed cats and rabbits


Prints are the perfect way to capture a moment in time on the pottery you can keep forever. Our paints are fired onto pottery so they will never fade. They make a lovely treat for yourself or as a gift for your family. There is a £10 studio fee for each printing session and then you pay for the ready-made items that you print onto.


Imprints are beautiful keepsakes to celebrate your newborn and family. They make a lovely treat for yourself or your family.

We use super soft clay to press hands into and paint in a specialist way to lift the fine details on the print. We can add names, dates and ages in a choice of font.

Prices for older children and larger plaques with family or adult hands will depend upon your requirements. Once we have an imprint, we can create outprints from this in clay and duplicate this as many times are you want.

There is a £10 studio fee for each printing session, and then you pay for the items we make for example:

  • 1 Plaque with 1 newborn imprint – £20​
  • 1 Plaque with 2 newborn imprints – £30​
  • 1 Plaque with 3 newborn imprints – £40
  • 1 Plaque with 4 newborn imprints – £60

Your booking is for 1 hour, which we find is more than enough for one family. If you want to bring a friend or family, please leave notes in your booking so we can block you out extra time.


Yes, there is off road parking right out side. Also the souveriegn centre multi-storey

Yes, we absolutely do do this, in fact, we love doing this

Yes, we welcome all well behaved dogs. We have water bowls and sometimes a treat for your 4 legged friends. In fact, we can also offer paw prints.

Yes, please do, we will find somewhere to stash it or if we’re not too busy just keep it next to you. If you are coming with a large group then we can sometimes struggle for space so we appreciate it if you have any alternative options, such as a carrier or car seat.

Not at all, we do clay modelling too and all our staff have the experience to assist. We also run other activities and workshops.

No, we welcome walk-ins however if you haven’t booked and we are busy, we cannot guarantee a space, so please be understanding.

Yes, if for any reason you cant come back to the studio for collection we can ship your items. UK courier is usually between £6-10 and worldwide shipping is quoted on an individual basis. All shipping costs need to be paid in full before we send.

As our storage space is limited, the glazed and fired pottery will be kept for 8 weeks from the date of firing. If items are not collected within that time, or you do not contact us, you risk the pieces being disposed of. We will always give you a gentle reminder before we throw anything away.